RICAMO litterally invents the concept of filling to preserve organoleptic qualities of the product.

The care of the detail

Elegance & Perfect design

The machine is all made by stainless steel AISI 304 and parts that are in conctact with the product are made in AIISI 316. It easily accessible to help work operations, maintenance and cleaning. Every machine can be customized for your needs.

Technology and quality

Innovation is our best

Uses first-class materials and components of outstanding international brands. The fill level is monitored with a volumetric and/or photocellar system. This ensures in the final levels great precision and systematicity. So in this way, the contact between the straw and the product is avoided, and the circle of the product is eliminated. In this way contaminations are prevented.

Accuracy and control

Smart & Intuitive

A system that grows with you. The product is designed to be scalable and updateable according to the different production needs, both qualitative and quantitative. An intuitive touch panel makes managing your machine easy, in all its operating processes.

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