ESSENTIAL is here, the first automatic filler for isobaric and / or re-fermented products within everyone's reach.


Official presentation feb 3 2020 at the DRTech headquarters (Minerbe, VR).

Before feb 3 2020 it will be possible, by appointment, to view the RICAMO technology applied to larger fillers at Essential at the Drtech headquarters.

Shock Price valid only for those who purchase Essential before the presentation date!

Contacts e infos:

+39 0442 641 7 60

Offer details

  • Offer available from dec 1 2019 to feb 2 2020
  • Selling price 24.900,00 euros (instead of 29.000,00 euros)
  • Drtech course, multimedia manuals and installation included in the offer until feb 2 2020
  • From feb 3 2020 the cost of the installation and the training course will no longer be included in the sale price (indicative price 1.000,00 euros)
  • Facilitated payment methods until feb 2 2020: 25% on order; 60% upon notice of goods ready; 15% in 30 days
  • Delivery start date apr 1 2020
  • Delivery priority: in order of priority, based on the date of payment of the advance for the order confirmation

RICAMO®: excellence in bottling

DRTECH’s mission is to develop innovative projects with particular attention to the health of people, to create environmentally friendly solutions for the beverage and agri-food sector, to help reduce the use of chemical additives to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and product quality.

The goal is to be a company of excellence in business processes, products and services offered.

The result of this synergy is RICAMO® (FILLING of a flexible ring), a revolutionary bottling technology.

RICAMO® is not only a bottling machine, but also a principle, a process conceived, created and consolidated, to support producers of wine, beer and oil, as well as producers of any other product subject to the problem of oxidation, to preserve and guarantee the originality of liquids and the quality of their products. It reduces the problem of oxidation, giving the possibility of decreasing the use of chemical additives, preserving the quality, aromas and structure of the product, accompanying it gently during the filling phase. A certified result of total residual oxygen lower than the best historical competitors has earned RICAMO® an International Patent and the recognition of the European Union.

What DRTECH wants is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of RICAMO® technology, also in terms of improving the quality of the product that comes out of our machines.

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