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The RICAMO® system improves bottling processes for wine, beer and olive oil, and we constantly develop new applications of our innovation.

RICAMO® keeps the earth's values in wine. It manages the absorption of oxygen during the bottling phase and guarantees the possibility of totally controlling the atmosphere in contact with the wine.
Increases the freshness, naturalness and longevity of the product. Pour the wine gently, accompany it and allow for a reduction in rest time after bottling. It allows adjusting the filling time of the bottle and can use the various inert food gases. Optimizes the level of wine by avoiding contact between the straw and the product, without any form of recycling and waste. Ideal for Bio & Biodynamic wines.
Focus Vino
RICAMO® avoids oxidative phenomena during the bottling phase.
Limit foam production, eliminate contaminants from contact with the mechanical filler element and allow for direct filling times.
In addition, for preferable beers, it is possible to direct the timing and the method of brining the bottle, while for those bottles referenced it defines the ideal quantity of oxygen to be inoculated for the fermentation.

This produces beers with definitely superior organoleptic qualities.
Focus Birra
RICAMO® is the ideal oil bottling system. Its versatility allows the use of inert gases, removing the oxidative effect.
Pours the oil gently, accompanies it and avoids possible contamination in the filling phase. Preserves taste and color and guarantees ultimate organoleptic stability by increasing product shift-life. It fits perfectly to all types of containers and to various types of stoppers.
Focus Olio
In any bottling practice, filling is the most delicate phase, the only one that has direct contact with the finished product.
RICAMO® revolutionizes this concept and concentrates every effort in achieving maximum hygiene, in order to safeguard quality, identity and longevity of the product. DrTech is a innovative start up guided from a group of researchers who devote their commitment to find technological solutions for the optimal bottling of products that can be sensitive to oxidation, like drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
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